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"I'll be quick - but wanted you to know how much your EBP programme worked for me last year!I followed your programme, sometimes not always to the 't' but 99% and it worked! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart as we are engaged again (in April 2017) and our wedding date is Saturday 23rd September."


"Your system is so amazing. My future wife (yes we got engaged) over the weekend came home last week. I followed every step of your system and made sure to go through with NC and all the sheets you send every week. It has transformed my life and my life with her. We actually had the absolute best conversation that we have had in years last week. We talked about every issue and laid everything out. Put everything out there on the table and we are probably better now than we ever have been. Open and honest with each other with everything. I want to personally thank you for your system and what it has done in my life. You are simply amazing! Every man that wants to change for the better and transform should follow your system! Because if they do; I am living proof that it works! Words can not express my gratitude!"